March 2017

Acquire the Courage of Leaders with Jo Owen

95% of the leaders who took part in the research for The Mindset of Success named ‘courage’ as a key part of success. Today’s leaders may not need the courage of the kings of old who led their troops into battle against the enemy, but there are still reasons to need courage. Leaders need to question the status quo, have difficult conversations and step outside their comfort zone. Jo Owen uses the example of a fire chief he interviewed for The Mindset of Success, to illustrate that what we see as extraordinary feats of bravery can seem to others just...

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Alan Watkins on why Leadership Development is broken

Neuroscientist and leadership coach Dr Alan Watkins draws on groundbreaking research into adult development to present a framework that will transform your ability to excel as a leader. 4D Leadership is the book for: anyone who feels overwhelmed by the competing priorities of their jobs; anyone who feels stressed by trying to maintain competitive advantage through innovation; anyone looking to develop a more responsive and rewarding strategy, drive change and take people with them, and become a truly rounded and 4-dimensional leader. To find out more, visit

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