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Kogan Page is the leading independent global publisher of Leadership business books. Founded in 1967, our award-winning work offers solutions for professional practice and academic development in print and digital form. Our Leadership authors are experts from the most prestigious academic institutions, international commercial organisations and professional associations.

Our titles deliver high-level, accessible, professional content to our readers in key subject areas including: Leadership Coaching, Virtual Leadership and Leadership Skills.

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Service design is the activity of utilising resources and people to build and sustain services that not only meet customer needs, but can also add that little bit of magic or true competitive advantage. With an overcrowded market, there is little opportunity to break away from the pack and influence customer perceptions. Customer-Driven Transformation shows you how to use design thinking as a driver for organisational change translating your vision into compelling services that will delight customers. How did companies like Netflix, Airbnb or Uber revolutionize industries and win loyal followers? They started with them. By thinking about what customers need foremost, you can reinvent your value proposition and deliver services that just work. With this book, the authors show you how to instil an outside-in approach to strategy; moving away from management that's technology, marketin ...

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